Collaborate In Faith

Most of us are familiar with the image of the "Circle of Friends" candleholder, made up of people who are all the same size and shape and color holding hands with the space for a candle in the middle.  

The Christian community of faith was intended to be one of friends, all sizes, shapes, colors and ages from all walks of life.  An artist who is legally blind put her mind and hands to work and created a piece with people who are different and with an open space...   Space for more.  Space for others... space for differences... space for sharing your faith... space for sharing your questions and doubts... space to breathe... space for God's breath to be breathed into us... space to discover the One who loves, calls and created us all, encourages and strengthens our hearts, our hope and our faith.

Collaborate in Faith with us on Sunday nights to experience a healthy, non-judgmental group who shares a common goal of living more Christlike within the craziness of the world today. Click here for more info and we hope to meet you soon. 

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Currently Reading... 

In the introduction of "The Power of One Christlike Life" it states, "...our most powerful weapon in our fight against evil: the grace and love of God."  

It's hard to believe that one life can make a difference in a world filled with so many challenges.  And what does it mean to live a Christlike life?  This book speaks to this question and is filled with many references to Scripture.  

Some thought-provoking quotes from the book include: 

"Consider this, the only Being in the universe worthy to release wrath because of sin is the very One in all the universe the least likely to do so, since He Himself is the sacrifice for sin."

"The world sees a church with rocks in its hands, looking for adulterers and sinners... Let us drop the rocks from our hands, then lift our hands, without wrath, in prayer to God." ("Prayer-Mental not Judgmental")

 "We can not become Christlike without being wounded." 

"Christians will be wounded, and often enraged, by the degenerating moral conditions around them.  It is our love that is in danger."

"Intercessors (those who pray for others) live on the frontier of change."

"You see, our purposeful love may or may not touch the sinner's heart, but it always touches the heart of God." 

collaborate: work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

collaborate in faith: joining to work together in growing in faith and creating a community of Christlike followers.

About When We Gather...

On Sunday nights we gather to snack and catch up with each other at 6:30 so we can begin to settle in at 7pm.  

From 7pm to 8pm it's time to hear the Scripture, what God is saying to us through it, through one another in our discussions and collaborating, sharing in communion, lifting up people and places who we can pray for and reach out to love and serve.

The Goal of Collaborate in Faith is to become more Christlike.

The Focus of our Collaboration time On Sunday nights: 

Sept 18:    How can we really change our world?

Sept 25:    How do we switch from judging to loving others?

Oct  2:     How can we reveal Christ in our relationships with others?

Oct 9:      How can anger at others be turned into praying for others?

Oct 23:     I'm just one person.  What difference can my praying make?  

Oct 30:    What, if anything, changes God's mind?

Nov 6:      What about mercy for people who are not sorry for their wrongdoing?

Nov 13:     Could Moses, a mere man, have been more merciful than God?

Nov 20:     What really pleases God?

Nov 27:     How can "woundedness" be a gift?

Dec 4:       To whom has God been revealed?

Dec 11:      What is really possible?  

If you want to go deeper between Sundays, you can read one chapter a week from "The Power of A Christlike Life."  The Collaborate focus each week is drawn from the chapters in the book.  Reading the book is not required.

You can bring a notebook or journal to write in or your Bible (or Bible app) as we Collaborate... most important, come as you are with a searching heart that wants to collaborate with others on their journey of faith.  

Upcoming Events

Check back here for the latest in community events around Savannah.

Meet Karen, Your Hostess And Pastor

Karen is a graduate of Young Harris College, Maryville College, Emory University and The Life Coach Training Institute. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF). She is an ordained United Methodist Extension Minister and an Endorsed Coach with the United Methodist Endorsing Agency.  She serves on coach training faculty at Coaching4Today's Leaders and the Academy of Creative Coaching.

When she looks in the mirror at her 4'7" tall self, she is reminded she has plenty of room for growth.  She loves to read, learn, bike on her trike, travel places with her husband (Mike), work in the yard swim, be around fountains.  Orchids fascinate her. She likes to grow and she likes to see things grow.  

Karen's business, Living Tall, was incorporated in May 2005 and partners with people in transition to explore new opportunities, find clarity, and experience a life rich with purpose. The coaching experience can include overcoming obstacles and facing fears.  It's about moving forward.  It's always about growing.


Meet Mike, Your Host

Mike has a heart for missions.  (He almost made Karen think he was not coming home when they served on a mission team in Zimbabwe.) God's heart comes out through the work of his hands and in building relationships with those he meets as he serves.  

He likes working with tools.  He is usually found behind-the-scenes making things happen.  He's a quiet, no-fuss kinda guy. 

Mike has worked at a job ever since he was 15 yrs old. His first was as a grocery store stock clerk. Then he spent a few years in the Marine Corps after graduating. He presently works at Freightliner of Savannah as a sales manager and will be retiring from full time at the end of 2016. He has a lot on his "to do" and experience list for "retirement!" 

If you know Mike, there is no doubt, you will find his hands at work to express the love of God in this world. 

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Please contact Mike and Karen for more info!

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